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HEMP And NATURAL FIBRES S.L., it is a company with more than 5 years of activity in the sector of the industrial hemp. Cafina Finds established in Callosa of the Safe, region of the Vega High province of Alicante.

From 2010 the company Cafina carries observing an evolution of the agro-industrial sector of the crop of cannabis sativa and the same of his socioeconomic field. The importacia of this crop in our region motivates us each day to be followed betting by the industrial and economic development of this zone, beside the climatic and cultural potential of this region and the big demand and interest by this crop that is generating to world-wide level, which promotes us to be followed with future investments to achieve our aims.

The crop of the hemp in this region is historical, went centre of a powerful industry of threads, ropes and networks; during all the Half Age until the 20th century. Thus this municipality shows especially proud of his origins like capital of the hemp.

We are a Spanish company possessor of a permission of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS) to cultivate Cannabis Sativa with ends of investigation using for this seeds cataloged for industrial use, for the production of %u201CFlores and Leaves and the extraction of his canabinoides%u201D.

Our main aim is the obtaining of rich flowers in canabinoides for pharmaceutical use, in these last years have cultivated in different plots, seeding varieties certified with a THC inferior to 0,2%. Obtaining a production of dry vegetal matter and processed, fibre and seed of hemp.

We carry years obtaining optimum results of production and quality of our products, implanting the best controls of quality in the crops, carrying a strict and continuous follow-up in all the process.

Our experience and advances in the sector, beside the interest of the pharmaceutical industry, promote us to invest and develop new projects and to continue with the investigations, since we believe firmly in the firmness of a market that is born moved and motivated by the scientific advances attained in the last years and with the backrest of the big current demand, impossible to brake.

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