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Bioithas Is a technological scientific company that is born in clear connivencia with the University orienting his activity to a CRO (contract Research Organization) and a RING (Academic Research Organization). 100% of the staff of Bioithas are graduated or graduates in diverse specialitys related with the health, biotechnology, chemical or statistical. Besides it explains between his staff with University doctors and a clear implication and vocation by the training, from here that important part of his researchers are doctorandos %u2013 scholars that find developing part of his investigation inside the frame of collaboration company-university.

The activity of Bioithas summary in the following points:

Set up of clinical studies with complementos nutritional, probióticos, prebióticos, symbiotic, antibiotics and hidrolizados peptídicos (so much whey proteins like hidrolizados of the colágeno) looking for a clinical indication to claim a Claim %u201C%u201D in diverse pathologies that share all they an oxidation (aging) accelerated and/or causality of the microbiota in the illness.

They realise so much for the own investigation of the company as for external companies, pilot studies in patients or studies preclínicos in animal model murino, to direct the results regarding dosage and model of performance.

An important part of the investigation in Bioithas centres in the development of methods of molecular diagnostic with study of DNA and of Microbiota, in some personalised cases according to results. This activity researcher goes headed to: Nutrición-dietary, Illness Inflamatoria intestinal, Reumatologia, Dermatology-Aesthetic, Neurology: pathology degenerativa and inflamatoria, Illnesses infecciosas of high prevalencia, Ginecologia / Andrology.

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