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Bioflytech S.L.
It has been created from the group of basic investigation and applied in dipteral insects of the University of Alicante. Along the last 10 years has developed an innovative technology that allows the artificial child and the massive production of several species of dipteral descomponedores able to develop on by-products agroalimentarios and waste of animal and vegetal origin.

The company possesses the necessary technology for the production of biomass larvaria on a large scale for his utilisation in aquaculture and avicultura, as well as in the market of feeding of pets or baits of fishing.

They are objective of Bioflytech S.L. Other innovative products, like alternative pollinators to the abejorros in crops of invernadero, selection of varieties or species of flies for testar insecticide, production of barren larvae for therapy larvaria in medicine or the obtaining of components with industrial interest (humus organic, biodiesel, quitosano etc.).

It knows better the technology of Bioflytech S.L.

For more information contact with:

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Universidad de Alicante Ap. Correos, 99
San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante
Tel. +34 965 90 93 10